GODD 11 Living Rm

Shellcove Road Apartment

Neutral Bay

With an enviable waterfront location overlooking Cremorne Point and Sydney Harbour, a single residence was converted into two luxury apartments. A lift was incorporated to connect both apartments to the garage level and both apartments were reconfigured to provide a better connection of spaces, clear views and extended sight lines.

Internally, interiors were upgraded by installing herringbone timber floors with dark timber paneling encapsulating the kitchen, laundry & powder room, forming the central core of each apartment. The use of dark paneling & natural stone bring warmth and steel-framed glass doors allow rooms to be closed off, for privacy and better air control.

The end result speaks for itself with both apartments exuding a timeless contemporary luxury with a focus on harbour views and light.


Photographer: Tom Ferguson

GODD 03b Hallway Cavity Door
GODD 04 Hallway
GODD 10 Living Rm
GODD 14 Dining Rm
GODD 16a Dining Cavity Door
GODD 20 Joinery Detail
GODD 17 kitchen
GODD 09 Living Rm
GODD 22 Master Bedroom
GODD 26 Master Ensuite
GODD 24 Master Bedroom Joinery
GODD 27 Master Bath
GODD 28 Master Bath
GODD downstairs ensuite
GODD 02 Entry Hall Stairs