GLUS 12 pool

Shellbank Avenue House III


Located on a large and prominent waterfront site, three existing buildings comprising the three-storey home, garage and boatshed, were completely stripped back and transformed with a new external facade featuring a combination of sandstone, zinc and timber cladding. Internally, planning was reconfigured and rebuilt to provide a more functional layout. The result is a smart, contemporary home in a beautiful new landscape setting.


Photographer: Richard Glover

GLUS 4 ext stairs
GLUS 6 entry
GLUS 10 kitchen
GLUS 8 living
GLUS 18 stair detail
GLUS 7 stairs
GLUS 12 verandah
GLUS 17 bedroom
GLUS 15 bathroom
GLUS 3 ext
GLUS 2 ext