ECM 20 atrium

Moran Street House


Overlooking Sirius Cove, this large south facing home came with both over and under scaled room sizes and low ceiling height challenges. The home was opened up to take advantage of views from all 5 split levels and the interior fitout was given a complete upgrade to add warmth and texture .

The front façade was given an upgrade with a new dramatically scaled entry portal and the application of a cohesive material treatment to the existing fabric of the building, stitching together what was previously a disjointed and adhoc building form.

The end result is a sophisticated and contemporary family home.


Photographer: Tom Ferguson

ECM 1 exterior
ECM 22 Terrace
ECM 29 Seating Detail
ECM 8 living
ECM 7 stairs
ECM 6 stair railing
ECM 12 living
ECM 21 art detail
ECM Seat detail
ECM 15 Dining
ECM 30 Master Bedroom
ECM 36 Wardrobe
ECM 33 Bathroom
ECM 35 Dressing Rm
ECM 38 Powder rm