RHDB 4 ext

Marine Parade House

Double Bay

Located on the waterfront of Double Bay, this once stand-alone terrace-style house was completely transformed to a sleek contemporary four-bedroom family home. In keeping with the surrounding context, a third storey attic room at the front of the house was removed to scale down the buildings frontage on the street and a new zinc façade was added. Externally, the building adopts a ‘fresh’ palette of finishes, with a combination of zinc cladding, rustic weathered steel framed timber architraves, stark white walls and a feature coloured balustrade.


Photographer: Steve Back

RHDB 5 entry
RHDB 6 stairs
RHDB 4 living
RHDB 3 ext
RHDB 2 ext
RHDB 12 gym
RHDB 7 dining
RHDB 8 piano