KELL 23a garden

Bertha House


A substantial historic home held within the client's family for generation was transformed into two seperate single level apartments with sweeping views of the Sydney CBD, Harbour and Barangaroo. A new lift was retrofitted to connect both apartments. A loft room was designed in the existing roof space to maximise space, views and storage. Extensive landscaping works were carried out in collaboration with Wyer & Co and include a long cobbled driveway, automated gates and landscaped gardens.


Photographer: Tom Ferguson

KELL 2 entry
KELL 3 driveway
KELL 6 ext
KELL 4a driveway
KELL 10 garage
KELL 15 main dining
KELL 20 fireplace
KELL 12 stair
KELL 21 Family living
KELL 16 main living
KELL 31 ensuite
KELL 34 laundry
KELL 30 2nd dining
KELL 26 deck