WHR 3 ext rear

Ashley Street House


Extensively renovated for multi-generational family living, this home was located in a heritage conservation zone and the extension could not be visible from the street. By introducing a ‘shipping container’ extension at the back, a two-storey level was created at the rear of the home which belies the look of the front facade, resulting in a modern living interior.

A central bonsai courtyard captures the northern sun and extensive ceiling heights & external shutters ensure this filtered light is featured year-round, throughout the house.


Photographer: Tom Ferguson

WHR 2 ext front
WHR 8 ext deck
WHR 12 hall
WHR 23 master balcony
WHR 18 living
WHR 19 living
WHR 6 courtyard
WHR 13 kitchen
WHR 14 kitchen
WHR 21 stairs
WHR 22 stairs
WHR 4 ext rear
WHR 9 ext drone