We are very flexible in our approach to fees and work on a variety of fee arrangements. Most residential projects are undertaken on a time and disbursements basis up to a not to exceed percentage fee, based on the final cost of the project including all internal fitout, external works and landscaping (exc GST). We adopt this approach as it is the fairest means of remuneration for the work that we actually design, document and administer during construction. We also work on a lump sum fee basis for a defined stage or specific scope of work.

As a guide, the percentage based fee for a full services commission on a new domestic project may range from 9-14% depending on the value of the project and the level of detail and finish. Alterations and additions generally attract an additional fee depending on the complexity of the works and the degree of alteration. Multi unit residential projects attract a lesser fee depending on the value of the project, the number of units, the degree of repetition and the level of finish and detail.  

Should we provide full interior design services, an additional fee should be allowed. This fee is generally considerably less than engaging an external interior designer.

Whilst we are able to provide partial services as may be required we do not encourage this approach as experience has proven the most successful projects are the result of the architect carefully project managing the entire design, documentation and construction process.

Whilst our fees are generally consistent with the profession, our extensive experience ensures we provide the highest level of skill, expertise and client services.

We look forward to your enquiry to discuss your project.